The Departing Speaker

So he’s going.  The man who, having held the job for over eight years, didn’t know what MP’s were telling him yesterday.

I have seen blogs saying that he was pressured due to class warfare, that he was looked down on because he was a sheet metal worker from Glasgow.  What a load of bollocks

Betty Boothroyd was, at one time, a dancer in a revue.  What did people think of her?  A very, very good speaker

George Thomas was the first Speaker to be heard via any media, when the Commons was broadcast, during his tenure between 1976 and 1983. He was also a very good speaker, because he, his successor Bernard Weatherill and Betty Boothroyd all understood that the Speaker has to be impartial.  Indeed George Thomas’ impartiality made him enemies from his old (Labour) Party who accused him of favouring the Conservatives and Maggi Thatcher

I don’t believe that Michal Martin ever was impartial.

With the expenses row still in full swing, we need a clear out of MP’s who are there as if it’s a career.  Anyone who’s been in Politics without tasting the wider world and getting experience should be banned from being an MP.  Too many people nowadays work as a Researcher for an MP or a Party as soon as they leave University, they are then Selected to stand for a seat, sometimes they get lucky and get a safe seat, where is their experience of anything outside Politics??

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2 thoughts on “The Departing Speaker”

  1. The expenses scandal is a good chance for reform, which has been picked up in a big way by the dailies including the Guardian. They’ve always been a bit wild with their expenses, but when you start claiming thousands for paid-off mortgages etc it’s obviously gone too far.

    Tradition is not perp-se a bad thing, but in this country it often seems to take precendence over good management. I do think Parliament is out of touch with ordinary people, viz. their feather-bedded pensions while the vast majority will be lucky to salvage a living from their own pension if they have one.

    More of them should also deign to experience the public transport network the politicians have allowed to become both third-rate and about the worst in Europe.

    They also seem to have no morality they wish to share with the rest of us, so presumably they don’t care to take the role of leader either.

    What CAN they do right???

    Yup, it’s time to create a modern democracy here!

    1. Thanks for the comment, I agree about a modern democracy, and it will be interesting to see what comes out of this. It might me about time we saw the big 2 Parties broken up by a wave of independents. Perhaps that’s what “Our Illustrious Leader” was referring to on Wednesday when he said an Election would cause Chaos. One of the problems I’ve had with governments of both persuasions is that once in power, they ignore the people that put them there

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