NASA, Climate And the MSM

Two different types of media show the difference between old and new journalism and the way that the Main Stream Media (MSM). MSM picks an idea and runs with it, casually ignoring facts while telling us what we should think by feeding us soundbites.

Look at the Guardian today with NASA’s James Hansen saying that “The Democratic Process isn’t working”. What Democratic Process? Where is my right to display what the Science really says rather than the sounbites that the MS cherry pick and feed us. Do they, the MSM, believe we cannot absorb the information? I know I can, as can most people at places like wattsupwiththat.

The Internet is seen as a place for anarchists, paedophiles and the like.  Well, I’m none of those, but I can find Science presented in as much detail as I can take.  Technical details, mathematical formulae, everything I need to get a better understanding of some of the complex problems around us.  There are, no doubt people that are much cleverer and those that have a much better grasp of the intellectual problems, but without the internet, I’d be condemned to looking in old books and have immense difficulties in getting information.